Tribal Arts Makeover: Before and After

This past winter, I was asked to redesign the signage identifying Tribal Arts, a local shop in Springdale that features exquisite Indian arts and handcrafts. We got rid of the enormous sans serif cut-out letters that spelled out “TRIBAL ARTS” above on the facia of the building and replaced it with this elegant Navajo design inspired from a textile within the shop. The street sign was replaced with a very sturdy new metal sign and also another new sign for the building front. Here’s hoping the new signage attracts an even greater clientele with the new facelift.

The Work of Alvin and Elaine Lustig


A Fortune magazine cover designed by Alvin Lustig from September 1952. Note that he signed the cover with his name “Lustig.”


A book cover from the early 1950s, possible 1960s, that Elaine Lustig designed. I LOVE that she signed her work with her FULL name. And not just hidden on the back cover but visible on the FRONT cover!

I recently made a wonderful pilgrimage to several museums in Los Angeles. I found this very tiny exhibit hidden away in the Ahmanson Building of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) with this designing husband and wife team of early graphic designers. I was enthralled with the simplicity and beauty of their work. Wish there was even more information on them.

Yellow-bellied Marmots!

Ripple Rock square logo

Ripple Rock square logo

Circular Ripple Rock Nature Center logo

Circular Ripple Rock Nature Center logo

I’ve been having fun working from late fall through this winter coming up with a new logo for Capitol Reef National Park’s Ripple Rock Nature Center. Since resident marmots are so prevalent, we decided to make one the logo’s mascot. It’s been a challenge coming up with a simplified and appealing little critter! I came up with a circular logo and one that is more square. Which one do you like better?

Utah Public Radio 2014 mug design

The posted images are a design I came up with for a fundraising campaign earlier this year for Utah Public Radio. My design was selected and the mugs were printed and offered as part of a premium pledge to the radio station in Logan, Utah. It’s an eclectic mix of imagery that to me conjures the “music, news, and inspiration” of listening to Utah Public Radio. I executed the design in watercolor and ink on paper then scanned in the design and added the typography on the right.
UPR_mug_final_72 upr_virtual_72

Maya of Guatemala Portraits at the Smithsonian

The Fortuneteller

The Fortune Teller, 2000

I am very proud of my husband, Michael Plyler, for his eye and his craft in photography. A large body of his work, Maya of Guatemala Portraits, photographed over the last thirty years, will be added to the permanent collection of the National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. These beautiful black and white portraits will now have a permanent home and it is an honor to have Michael recognized in this way. Here are just two radiant and compelling examples from this body of work.

Bracelet Girl

Bracelet Girl, 2000

Zion Canyon Music Festival 2013 Poster winner!

Zion Canyon Music Festival posterThis is the poster concept I submitted to the Town of Springdale and I learned last week that it was chosen as this year’s Music Festival poster! I’m excited. I still need to do a little work on it AND the lineup of musicians is entirely fictitious for now (although I would die and go to heaven if Alabama Shakes would play here!!!). Let me know what you think of this poster—criticism glady accepted!

New store, new logo!


This is a mockup of the sign I designed for Joy Craft & Design located in the heart of Springdale, Utah.

This is a mockup of the sign I designed for my friend, Joy Stein’s new enterprise in the heart of Springdale called Joy Craft & Design. Her shop features handcrafted, upcycled, and restyled objects and clothing. Stop by and see what surprising things zippers are and also find wonderfully colorful and whimsical fabric items by Big Heart! I wish her all the best in her new venture.


Colorful bags and skirts from Big Heart.

Mean Bean Coffeehouse sign

Mean Bean sign

Mean Bean sign

Just wanted to post this photograph I have of the old Mean Bean Coffeehouse sign. Although I designed this logo, I can’t take credit for the three-dimensional translation of this sign. Although the Mean Bean is long gone, I miss seeing this sign in the center of town. Here’s to great coffee, great friends, and the memory of a great place!

NEW! Just off the presses


This is the newly revised edition of the original publication from 1988. Since the original book is now out of print and cannot be reprinted because the original files are on film, I was asked to start over with new files so took the opportunity to spruce it up a bit with an updated design.

The book was printed by Conquest Graphics in Salt Lake City, Utah this past January and is now in bookstores at Zion National Park. It’s a wonderful history of the idea and execution of the Zion-Mt. Carmel Switchbacks and the Zion Tunnel which were completed in 1930.

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